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The Crap Farm is in fifteen days (minus per day for loading plus a morning for placing up, so that is truly thirteen times) furthermore I am looking to do all my normal duties around here plus keep up with two stands photo booth temecula, manage my ebay revenue (sluggish, but picking up), hunt and collect Trash Ranch product, obtain it structured and priced plus determine the format of the unit.

I'm starting a cubicle of Orlando at the Oviedo Traditional Mall in Oviedo right outside. I had a booth in Wildwood many years previously with my Mother but when I transferred back to Orlando I had to let that move... Nevertheless now I'm back!! I've a booth in Co and my best-sellers are coated frames and mirror containers, painted furniture (dark or bright) I'ven't entered with other colors yet!)& Aprons that I create. I have a cubicle in Fl. For me personally are side tables, night the things that offer, stands and mirrors.